• Including a 6 ft high by 4 ft wide sign painted as specs.
  • Installation within 24 hrs of email notice if sent before 11:00 am.
  • All emails for installation must be sent no later than 11:00 am or
    otherwise installation will be completed the next following day
  • Hours of operation 8am to 5pm / Monday to Friday

Mileage fee will be added to signs located outside a 15 kilometer radius of your office for each installation and each removal. Signs that are installed outside of this area will be charged an additional mileage fee of $ 0.50 per kilometer for the mileage over and above the first 15 km. Signs that are installed within the 15 km radius will not be subject to this additional cost.

The mileage will be calculated for outside the 15 km radius from your office. This will include the round trip distance for both installation and removal of the sign. Therefore a sign located 5 km outside of the 15 km radius will have a total distance travelled of 20 km. This will be in addition to the $39.95 cost already in effect and the additional 5 km each way will mean that an additional cost of $10.00 will be added (which includes installing and removal).